Hi, my name is Sam. I am 21 years old, I develop websites, webshops and program Discord bots!

My hobby’s

In my free time I like to program, kart and game. I’m always trying to extend my knowledge about websites or making Discord bots/ NodeJS applications.

My education

I am currently a student studying Application- and Media development. I am learning the process of the customers question to the end product.

On the side I’m learning Special I/O, Embedded Design and Mobile Application Development which will hopefully expand my area of expertise.

After my education

After my education I would like to work for myself as a web developer.

What can i do for you?

I can make websites, web shops and discord bots. You can contact me or request a project or quote on the contact page

I have experience with:

Programming & Database

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB


  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint

Operation Systems

  • Windows 10
  • Linux Ubuntu 18.04 VPS


  • WordPress
  • UIkit

Other experiences

  • NodeJS
  • DiscordJS
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Social Media

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This is my discord account, feel free to add me on discord if you would be interested in a discord bot!